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I'm a professional photographer and an aspiring actress. I'm a socially awkward Christian music geek who hits reblog far too often and has a weakness for anything Broadway. (especially when it comes to Laura Osnes and Sutton Foster) This is too long. Are you still reading this?


im so confused. if you don’t want to be in a network then don’t be?

I agree it’s kinda tedious for there to be a million networks about every person/place/thing but like cool you do you i do me? like im in the broadway one and the bridges one and i don’t rly see the point i guess? but i guess its…

I kind of feel like its the tumblr version of asking to sit at the popular kids table… like really? are they really as cool as they make out to be? and why on earth do I need to be part of it to be considered a “true fan.”

I submitted my application to whoever the heck is running the Laura Osnes network and now feel like an idiot. I’m not unfollowing them because, honestly, they have a decent blog… but what it boils down to is this: Wanna talk about Laura Osnes? Have a question? Come at me bro, I can go all day.


"Encore" (demo) from 5th Republic (a new musical) featuring Laura Osnes



  • this network will be a resource for people who love laura osnes to meet and share content
  • looking for more friends to flail about a certain show with? look no further!

what do i get for joining?

  • you’ll be part of a network of blogs that are also big laura osnes fans
  • people looking for more blogs will be able to find you easier
  • laura osnes posts of all sorts to add to your dash
  • new friends who love the same performances as you do
  • once every two weeks, i’ll be picking a new featured blog of the week that will be featured on the sidebar, so more chances to be promoted to others


  • must be following me and the network tumblr
  • reblog this application post and then fill out this survey
  • be someone who regularly updates your blog and has a nice clean theme
  • this should go without saying, but one of the primary topics that you blog about should be theatre/broadway related in some form
  • if this gets less than 10 notes, i’ll probably cancel it because then it’s not really much of a network haha.

what happens next?

  • the number of people i’ll choose will depend on how many people apply, but i’m estimating 15-20 for now.
  • on september 15th, i will be picking people to join the network and making a post about it on the lauraosnesnetwork tumblr.
  • if you are picked, i will send you an ask and you must reply to me within 48 hours. therefore, your ask must be open.
  • you don’t really have to follow everyone else in the network since i have no way of actually checking if you do or not, but these are all quality blogs, so why not, right?
  • track the tag #lauraosnesnetwork

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Hey, so, I’m stuck at my desk all week and am in need of some new jams…

What is your latest fav? Would love new musical theater stuff, but anything will do… Song? Singer? Soundtrack?


the turkey swiss on rye incident

*whispers* it’s baaaack

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okay so we know about jesus when he’s a baby, and jesus when he’s an adult, but does the bible ever mention his rebellious teenager years?

‘jesus, go feed the donkey.’

the ground shakes a little, and a voice comes down from the sky

‘do what your stepfather says you little shit’

They forgot Him at church… like for a whole day.

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Should we tell them?

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So today at work a woman came in who could legitimately be Stephanie J Block’s twin.

She called me “hun.”

Day. Made.


"Skipity bopity boo I got the paper for you." [x]

This Newsies musical looks really good…

Have you ever gotten your period and been like “oh, good, I guess I’m not dying after all.” ?

No? Just me?